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Palace - 'Product Descriptions Book'

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Har du også været på Palace's hjemmeside og læst dig til tårer af grin over deres dumme/sjove produktbeskrivelser? Her får du en helt bog med de aller bedste!

To be au fait with Palace’s iconic product descriptions, you will actually have needed to buy something from its online store – or have tried to, at least.

For the uninitiated, and to put it bluntly: they aren’t like generic product descriptions.

Full of humor, pathos, social commentary and unabashed opinion, the descriptions – which have garnered a cult following in recent years – eschew practical details, with a jacket, being described as: “Trendsetter, Don’t Think So Mate, You Look Like You Moonwalked Through Topshop, With Your Eyes Closed, Covered In Glue,” for example.

Sure, it might not make much sense – especially without the product for reference – but you get the general gist. It’s playful and very British.

In the name of honoring some of its best to-date, the London-based label is teaming up with publisher Phaidon this season to release an official printed archive of online descriptions – a book which features unconventional blabberings dating back to Palace’s 2013 debut.

Authored by Palace co-founder, Lev Tanju, whose style tore up the copywriting rulebook, the book opens with an introduction by writer, poet and literary critic Sam Buchan-Watts, who argues that Tanju has “pioneered an artform in a place where few people thought to look,” and he’s right.

The book not only serves as a catalog of some of the brand’s best (and funniest) works, but is a constant reminder of how an underground skate label from South London broke the mold to change the way we perceive the UK streetwear scene.